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Guitarkadia Sessions: Gary Lucas

by guitarkadia on March 11, 2015

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It’s impossible to list Gary Lucas‘s work and accolades in this page and do it justice; that’s true of anyone I get to meet for these sessions. Instead, I’d urge you to read about his life and work here and listen to some of his music here.

The following session took place almost five years ago on a warm August day at Gibson Guitar and Rehearsal Space (formerly The Hit Factory) in midtown, Manhattan, after we’d been emailing each other for months to schedule a meet. I appreciated Gary taking the time to meet me for the session and give me a tour of the place. Here’s a list of albums recorded at THF.

So why has this recording, along with a bunch of others, taken all these years to edit? It’s a long story I won’t bother you with. Good news is that I’m finally able to work through the backlog and publish them. On that note, if you haven’t, please check out the Gene Bertoncini videos from last week. Good stuff there!

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