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Hope 2014 is off to a great start for each of you reading this as well for your loved ones. The goal of Guitarkadia has always been to bring you original stories around guitars. While I’m not to able to travel to different corners of this beautiful world and bring you stories myself (not yet), I can find some and share with you once a week, on Sundays. Granted it has been a struggle to keep this weekly thing going but this is one of my resolutions for 2014.

Every Sunday Tuesday at 9AM (EST) I look forward to publishing a list of stories from around the world around guitars with you besides the ones created and published for Guitarkadia. You can either check in every Sunday or subscribe to the weekly email newsletter.

I’d like to hear your stories too. Do you have a great tip/story about/around a guitar? Let me know. What makes a good Guitarkadia story? These – The Story of the Kalamazoo Gals and $100 Guitar Project – are great examples. But the stories could be as simple as the one about a guitar your family has owned for decades and has been handed down from generation to generation. Or the guitar that saved your life. I want to hear those stories.

Without further ado, here goes.

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1. Guitar picker Beau Kavanagh turns his hand to picking antiques. via Montreal Gazette. (Jan 2, 2014)

Kavanagh’s teen years working for his father had piqued his interest in acquiring vintage musical instruments, and that grew to buying furniture, light fixtures — so many older pieces, in fact, that eventually he ran out of room at his house. So he refocused his store to carry interior design pieces, developing a décor style that seems to merge with the latest trends in interior design.

2. What happened after a fire destroyed the house of Stan Smith, 60, an Ohio guitar player and teacher. via The Columbus Dispatch.

Learning of his livelihood, Columbus firefighters went out of their way to group together and drape tarps over Smith’s baby grand piano, a drum set and a half-dozen guitars to protect them from heat and water.

3. Loved “Inside Llewyn Davis.” I’ll watch any music film but this being a Cohen Bros. film makes it a must see. Casting of Oscar Isaac was perfect! Here’s a CBS Sunday Morning segment on the film’s music. You may like to listen to an interview with Isaac by NPR’s Melissa Block.

4. Remembering the Singing Mayor of McDougal Street. KUNC 91.5 remembers Dave Van Ronk whose life inspired “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

“I have often thought back and wondered just what my reaction would have been at age 17 if someone had told me I would go through most of my life being called a folk singer,” Van Ronk said during the show. “I probably would’ve slashed my wrists.”

5. Want to explore the Folk music scene further? Folk Salad (Facebook), hosted by Scott Aycock and Richard, is a weekly show. Here’s the latest episode via PRX (sign up free to listen to full episodes) about the Greenwich Village Folk scene in the 60s.

6. Folk Alley is another radio show from WKSU 89.7 (Kent State University). This is their latest episode via PRX.

7. Accidental guitar discovery leads to music career. via Nanaimo News Bulletin.

Mark Crissinger was just a boy looking for hidden Christmas presents under the stairs when he discovered something else.

Crissinger stumbled upon his mother’s YMCA campfire guitar and began playing around with it.

“I just liked the sound of the strings and I liked that I was able to create anything,” Crissinger said. “I seemed to get off on making the sounds even though I didn’t really know how tune it.”

8. Houston’s Mexican Mass. via NPR

In 1966, the bishop of Cuernavaca, Mexico, Sergio Mendez Arceo, commissioned a mariachi folk Mass that came to be called la Misa Panamericana, the Panamerican Mass. Written by a Canadian priest, Juan Marco Leclerc, it has become the standard repertoire of mariachis in church.

9. The Rock N’ Roll Casualty Who Became A War Hero. via The New York Times Magazine. This is six months old but a very “Guitarkadia” story, meaning it told a story around the guitar.

Jason Everman has the unique distinction of being the guy who was kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden, two rock bands that would sell roughly 100 million records combined. At 26, he wasn’t just Pete Best, the guy the Beatles left behind. He was Pete Best twice.

10. On Christmas day I shared tweets/pics by people/kids who received a guitar as a present. To check them out, visit my Twitter Favorites page.

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