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Guitarkadia Weekly, posted Sundays at 9 AM (EST), is a digest of original guitar stories  published on Guitarkadia and elsewhere the previous week. An email newsletter goes out at the same time as well. Archive of past posts can be found here.

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In Tune With Shankar Guitar by Sivalakshmi Roshith.

She may be the only woman who holds a doctorate degree in guitar. But, Kamala Sankar’s endeavours with her stringed instrument do not end there and she believes more is yet to come. She fiddles Hindustani music in this western instrument, and accompanied by her husband Rajeev Janardhanan…

Retired finance director for Charlotte schools now performs as professional guitarist by Rachel Grec and Gannett Michigan.

Flip through its six pages and you’ll learn that Sovey plays 11 different types of guitars and that he’s played several of them at the Wharton Center for national Broadway touring productions of shows as beloved as “Grease,” “Chicago,” and “Annie.”

Tommy Emmanuel picks 10 essential acoustic guitar albums (Slideshow) text by  Joe Bosso

“You can train a monkey to play fast, but you can’t manufacture soul in music if it isn’t there,” Emmanuel says. “When I listen to Chet Atkins, that’s all I hear – soul. And when I listen to what he and Jerry Reed did together, it still amazes me, because the music truly lived in their hearts.”

 Noblesville [Ed. Indiana] shop owner is guitar maker to star musicians by Annalisa Rodriguez

Sure, the 58-year old loves hearing the twangy bite of the Fender Telecaster six-string and seeing famous musicians like Brad Paisley play the custom guitars he makes. But Heffernan‘s passion comes alive in the guitars he remakes into “relics,” his term for functional art.

Ecuadorian Singer/Guitarist & Philanthropist Cecilia Villar Eljuri Dubbed a “Female Carlos Santana” by Melissa Castellanos.

“I write from the heart, but it’s mostly from experiences and people I meet when traveling — about empowerment and fighting for change and rights and everything else”

Italian lodger who admitted ‘cannibal killing’ played guitar at Stormont peace gig.

Saverio Bellante (34), who had been lodging at an address in Beechpark Avenue in the city, was charged in the early hours of yesterday with the murder of his landlord Tom O’Gorman (39), who was stabbed and beaten. It is understood Bellante had been playing chess with Mr O’Gorman when a row broke out. Reports have suggested that one of Mr O’Gorman’s organs was removed and eaten by his killer.

The Guitar Will Never Die by Henry Rollins.

The appeal of guitar music will never die. There, I have predicted the future, and it’s full of guitars. It is the most mass produced and sold instrument in the world and works just fine electric or acoustic.


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