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Guitarkadia Weekly, posted Sundays Tuesdays at 9 AM (EST), is a digest of original guitar stories  published on Guitarkadia and elsewhere the previous week. An email newsletter goes out at the same time as well. Archive of past posts can be found here.

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On Guitarkadia

Birth of a PRS Guitar by David S. Wallens.


Walter Carlos: Guitar-Punisher of Funeral Horse by Jef with One F.

Walter Carlos, who goes under the more colorful moniker of Paul Bearer when fronting Funeral Horse, has a unique point of view when it comes to his vocals and guitar playing: he believes an instrument should be punished, not played.

 Guitar Collection of Bad Seeds Member on Display by Melissa Stewart.

In the 1960s, he [Ed. John Reynolds] was the bass player of The Bad Seeds, a local band that landed a deal with Columbia Records. Other members were Lloyd McGlasson, Ernie Banks, Charlie Brown and Jerry Foster. The group recorded a self-titled 45 in New York City in 1967, when Reynolds was 18. Their most popular song was “King of the Soapbox,” he said. They worked in Jimmi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studio.

South Dakota museum adds Elvis’s Guitar to collection. By Dirk Lammers. (Sun Herald)

A slightly smashed acoustic guitar played by Elvis Presley on his final tour in 1977 now greets visitors in front of the museum’s main galleries. The Martin D-35 was tossed aside by The King during a St. Petersburg, Fla., concert after it sustained a broken strap and string, said Robert Johnson, the Memphis-based guitarist who donated the item.

From Elvis’ hometown, a tale of a birthday gift that changed history By Millie Ball. (L.A. Times)

Connie Tullos loves to tell stories. Especially the one about Elvis and his Mama the day they came to the Tupelo Hardware Co. to buy him a birthday present. He was born Jan. 8, 1935.

Speaking in full Mississippi drawl, her eyes as bright as a teenage fan of Justin Bieber’s, the 60ish Tullos said the King, still an uncrowned commoner in those days, wanted a 22-caliber rifle for his 11th birthday.

Child of war with passion for guitar by Simon Collins.

Moctar is proudly an ishoumar, a once derogatory term loosely derived from the French word for unemployed now attached to the rebel songs played by the Tuareg warrior musicians of North Africa.

Arena: Heavy Metal. A BBC Two Documentary. (1989) h/t GuitarWorld.


Here’s a strange one for ya! Naked man explains after spending night in guitar case (hmm).


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