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Guitarkadia Weekly, posted Sundays at 9 AM (EST), is a digest of original guitar stories  published on Guitarkadia and elsewhere the previous week. An email newsletter goes out at the same time as well. Archive of past posts can be found here.

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Past week: The True Adventures of the Great Guitar X-Ray Project   guest postby John Thomas.

Tomorrow: What Ukulele’s Can Do For Guitar Players by Al Wood



How I Tackled Three Skills I Never Thought I’d Learn by Whitson Gordon for Lifehacker.

This may come as a shock, but you are completely capable of learning that skill you always wish you had. All you need is the motivation to actually try, and a little time set aside to practice. I started playing guitar from reading and then moving on to tabs.

 Musician returns to Machias to open studio for Maine Academy of Modern Music by Tim Cox for Maine Sun Journal.

Youths in Washington County “really need” an outlet like the academy’s studio, said Bryand, who taught for the academy in Portland four years before returning to Machias. The difference with young people in Portland is they took music lessons because their parents made them, he said.

How George Harrison Transformed Gretsch Guitars by Lindsay Lowe for The Reporter-Times.

Fifty years ago, teenager Fred Gretsch sat in front of his family’s black-and-white television and watched the Beatles’ first live TV performance in the U.S. Millions of American teens went crazy for John, Paul, George, and Ringo on The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964, but Fred Gretsch had one extra reason to love the Beatles: George Harrison was playing his family’s guitar.

Loveland man handcrafts guitars by James Garcia for The Washington Times

If Jack Moody isn’t strumming some jazzy tune on one of his guitars, it’s probably because he’s out in the garage making a new one from scratch. “I’ve got three granddaughters. I fix up guitars for them,” Moody said in the garage-turned-shop of his Loveland home. “From scratch I’ve made about 10.”

Guitarist without arms shares lesson on standing out by Daniel Carlson for Lancaster Eagle Gazette

Born without arms, Tony Melendez learned early on in his life how to use his feet to strum a guitar, make music and stand out in a family of musicians. He gained widespread fame with his performance for Pope John Paul II during the pontiff’s 1987 visit to Los Angeles, and Melendez used the high profile to launch a musical career that’s taken him to 44 countries and international acclaim.


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