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#GuitarChat with Bernadette Malavarca & Catherine McGowan of Bern & The Brights

by guitarkadia on April 1, 2013

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On Tuesday, April 23rd, Bernadette Malavarca & Catherine McGowan of Bern & the Brights – @bernandbrights – were guests on #GuitarChat on Twitter. Tune in at 9pm (EST). Hosted by @guitarkadia

    Full transcript of chat below.

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One of the first bands I’d covered for Guitarkadia, Bern & The Brights are one of my favorite bands. They should be playing stadiums and touring the world and I don’t say things like that lightly. It’s my pleasure to do this #GuitarChat with Bernadette & Catherine. Listen to their new album, WORK, below. I also recommend their EP, Swing Shift Maisies, which has had hundreds of plays on my iPod over the years. The band is also amazing live. So if you get a chance to see  & hear them play, don’t miss it!

Bern & The Brights on Guitarkadia


Bernadette Malavarca
Bernadette is a vocalist, songwriter, and electric guitarist in Bern & the Brights, a melodic pop-rock band from Montclair, NJ. Guitars and amps over the years have included Epiphone (Casino), Charvel, Guild, Fender (Strat and Tele), Trace Elliott acoustic amp, Fender amps (Twin, Frontman, Acoustasonic Pro), and Vox Valvetronix, but the staples of her sound have come to be a Fender Telecaster Nashville Deluxe through the Vox amp, and an old Guild acoustic with a Fishman pickup. Her current pedal board includes Boss EQ, Dan Electro PB&J delay, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Full Tone OCD, and a Harmonix Memory Man. Some of her favorite guitarists are Johnny Marr, Edge, Robby Krieger, Jimmy Page, Jeff Buckley, and Jack White. Bern also plays keyboards and drums, and loves to geek out in the studio.

Catherine McGowan
Catherine McGowan is a vocalist, songwriter, and acoustic (and sometimes electric) guitarist in Bern & the Brights. Catherine perceives herself as a vocalist first and foremost. She started as a bass player as child, but moved to guitar to accompany herself singing. Ultimately she fell in love with the Martin sound. She currently plays a Martin Dcme and has recently welcomed into the fold a Martin LX1 travel guitar. Catherine has also ventured into the world of electric guitars and has acquired an Epiphone Emperor Swingster and a Tele. Amps include Vox Valvetronix and pedals include Memory Man, Ibanez Tube Screamer, LR Baggs DI, and a Boss EQ. Catherine’s favorite guitarists include Finn Andrews of the Veils and Bradley Knoell of Sublime.

Bern & the Brights/Latest EP – Work
In the fall of 2012, Bern & the Brights released their latest EP Work (StarBeat Music). The EP is a collection of seven songs that somehow reflect the work of life—from labor in the literal sense to the labor of soul searching and navigating relationships. B&TB have been described as genre-blending and emotional; Work fits that bill. The record is available for sale on iTunes and through StarBeat Music at

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