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Steve Lukather : Transition

January 22, 2013

Q&A with Steve Lukather on transitioning into a new life and ‘Transition’, the album. [Click Image For More]

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The Cold Stares Interview II and Hot Like Waco EP Preview.

November 19, 2010

I’d interviewed The Cold Stares back in May. Quite a bit has transpired over summer for the band and their new EP, Hot Like Waco, just dropped. My short review is “It fucking kicks ass.” You can listen to two tracks from the EP in full, below. But I strongly urge you to check out […]

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Meet The Cold Stares: Nashville’s Hottest Rock Band

May 3, 2010

John by The Cold Stares Before I go further, are you listening to the song above? (Lyrics and gear info at the end of this post) There’s no need for a full intro by me of The Cold Stares. Lead guitarist and vocalist Chris Tapp shares his and his band’s history in such detail and […]

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Q & A: Ovatus & Locrius of Planetoid

September 9, 2009

Name: Ovatus (guitars)     Band: Planetoid G: Do you come from a musical family? Who were your early musical influences? O: My father was an intergalactic traveling musician for thousands years and is probably my biggest influence along with earth bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath among many many others. G: Do you remember the album that had the […]

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