Ritchie Blackmore

by guitarkadia on July 26, 2008

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I can’t think of a better person to start this blog’s history with than Ritchie Blackmore, my all-time favorite guitar player. Someone who can rip it open with the Highway Star solo and at the same time can get you teary-eyed with the intro ‘Soldier of Fortune’ is definitely someone I look up to.

The other reason, if you like, is him being my ‘first.’ I’d started listening to classic rock with Deep Purple. A friend had given me a tape with all the classic Purple songs. And when you listen to Smoke on the Water and Highway Star for the first time, you don’t stay the same. Makes you want to visit every guitar store and show off the opening riff to ‘Smoke.’ 😉

Blackmore now is a very different guitar player than he was back then. I’m sure he is no different as a person because he’s always played what he liked. I hope to meet and interview him someday.

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