Recording Guitar on Your iPod/Laptop

by guitarkadia on August 5, 2008

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Just read about the new Tascam GT-R1 recorder. Priced at over $300, the item won’t hit the US market for a while, but it looks nice with that two-facey mic placement. Reminds me of this one by Sony from coupla years ago.

If you ask me, and if I were you, I’d rather buy an iPod and install mics to record ideas. Gotta use money wisely, no? Up until a year ago I had been recording with an ancient cassette tape recorder for ideas (something like this with…get this….less features.) I chucked it in the garbage this year because I know I’m never going to back to those tapes; I have nothing to play them on.

I haven’t yet hooked up with a mic, but Mark Nelson’s tips on recording on the iPod is a great resource. He has audio samples of the various mics he’s recorded with. And then there’s the extreme cheapskate version that could get the work done, but why bother.

I still record directly on my iMac. By directly I mean take my guitar as close to the microphone as I can and record using Quicktime. It does the job well. Whatever you record with, the file can be converted to any other format with the very, very good MPEG Streamclip (Mac/Win). Very good because you can record ideas on your cellphone – video or audio – and convert that file into any other audio format and file them away on your iTunes.

By the way, I use iTunes to file away all my ideas. It’s great to look up a genre, style or riff when it can be catalogued. So, if you can look them up based on your ratings etc.

The recording ‘method’ I use is not so foreign or unusual. Greg Laswell has recorded whole demos on his laptop and it has worked fine by his standards.

So, when it comes to jotting down ideas – think about doing it with whatever you have and not what you could have written it down with.

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