No Strings Attached Over There

by guitarkadia on November 18, 2012

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“No Strings Attached”, a short video I produced about a Brooklyn musician and artist who makes instruments out of found objects, went up on Narratively, a new online publication, this past Thursday. I go into the back story in my newsletter so if you like to read it, please sign up here. The back story, however, is not a prerequisite to enjoy the video.

The newsletter goes out every Monday morning and while it recaps the previous week’s posts and news about and around Guitarkadia, it also gives a little behind the scenes peek at some of the ongoing projects and also gives a preview of upcoming videos and posts before it goes up on the blog. I’ll also have exclusive content for the newsletter in the future.

I’d love it if you head over to checked out the video and gave a little shout out to Narratively on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. They’re a great group of folks who run the joint and will take Narratively to great heights.


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