Fake Plastic Trees

by guitarkadia on July 20, 2009

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Listened to this song all the way from home to work. That’s an hour plus commute. Sometimes you need a little growing up to do before you’re on level with a song. It has nothing to do with chronological growth, more to do with living a few breaths and meeting with the emotion the song was made to convey – for you. You can read the words of the song and be sad, you can listen to the music and cry – it made me a lot once – or you can listen to both one day and realize lamenting has its own beautiful existence. And you realize, the song’s words and music found your story to tell. When I listened to it today, I forgot how it made me feel before. The beautiful sadness is there, but it doesn’t take you apart piece by piece when your emotions had been raw, post-heartbreak. Heartbreak is not always what a girl/boy does to a boy/girl; of course we learn that after the boy/girl has done it to a girl/boy, don’t we.  

Lament is a bitch, but you learn to grow old together and look past the negative. And the bigger picture seems to emerge only when you’ve chopped down a couple of trees and ran out of the forest.

A history of the song.

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