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by guitarkadia on March 7, 2009

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Music, film, and photography revolves around me like the moon around the earth. Without them, I’m just another planet. Every chance I get, I try to look up to them and seek comfort from them because…they make me look better than I am. As this blog evolves, you’ll see a lot of that being incorporated.

Meanwhile, let’s check out the work of Rob Sheridan who’s doing exactly what I hope to, and does it well. Sheridan is a designer, photographer, filmmaker hired by NIN back when he was 19. I’ve been salivating over the new Canon EOS 5D MK II since it came out end of last year. I want it. Bad.

This is just an example of what this new camera is able to do, bring music, film, and photography via one portal and make storytelling the king. Amazing, isn’t it! Rob has been putting this camera to excellent use during this particular phase of the NIN tour, in Australia. Check out the videos he’s shot over the past month with the 5D MK II.

If you fused Albert Maysles and Cartier-Bresson into one person, he’d pick this camera.

NIN Sydney 2.24.09 – Mid-show Power Outage [HD]

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