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Guitarkadia’s main goal is to bring you original content  – stories, interviews, sessions etc. While researching, I stumble into stories that I feel the need to share with you. Here are some from this past week. Don’t want to wait till next Wednesday for stories like these? Follow @guitarkadia on Twitter or ‘Like’ Guitarkadia on Facebook to read them as I find them.

June 29, 2011

Skeptics, Deniers And How To Tell The Difference. Part I: Blues Jam

“I have played blues harp for years and jammed with lots of folks. But it was my brother-in-law Hendrik Helmer — (a professional guitar master in NYC) — who taught me how a really good musician listens deeply to what’s happening in the band. And that is where the link between music, science, skepticism and denial occurs.”

Guitarist Paco de Lucia talks about growing up with music and the world heritage of flamenco

“I grew up with my family in a Gypsy neighbourhood. There was music all day long until late in the night. My father was a guitar player and composer, my two brothers Ramon and Pepe became musicians. When you hear music every day it becomes like milk that you drink and that you need every day.”

Bernie Can’t Quite Let It Go

“It’s been five years since [Bernie] Williams, 42, last put on a Yankee uniform and roamed the New York outfield. He plays classical guitar now, touring with his band and playing Yankee-related events whenever he can.”

Woodworker puts hand to guitar building

“Joe Huston is one of those guys who seems to be able to do anything. If he can build his own racecar, an electric guitar should be a piece of cake.”

Vegetable Orchestra: Grow your own guitar

“Now they [Vegetable Orchestra] are working with scientist Wolfgang Palme from the Horticultural College and Research Institute Schönbrunn to develop the next generation of carefully cultivated instruments.”

Arm electrodes to electrify your guitar skills?

“Developed by the University of Tokyo and Sony Computer Science Laboratories, the “hand gesture manipulation system” electrically stimulates muscles in your arm that move your fingers.”

Guest teacher Steve Martin (yes, him) giving Banjo lessons at Tony Trischka School of Banjo

Paterson, NJ Student Receives Musician of Distinction Christian McBride-Fodera Guitars Award

“Rafael Vasquez, a bass guitarist at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Artsin Paterson and student at Jazz House Kids, is the recipient of the first annual Christian McBride-Fodera Guitars Award.”

‘He’s faced his demons, and he has come out the other side’

“Harri Palm’s life has a quality of miracle to it….But at 54, after three near-death experiences — a brush with the Grim Reaper from addiction among them — he is more alive now than ever before, dedicated to his sport, his craft, and his art.”

Champion Skipton bodybuilder Brett Barrett launches new career as a guitar-maker

“Brett is the first to admit that some find it strange to see him cradling and creating such a delicate, wooden structure.

Now 45, he retains the broad physique of a bodybuilder, although he has always kept his fingernails long in readiness to pick up the guitar.”

Michael Giacchino Talks Cars 2’s “British Surf Guitar” Score

“And when it came to Cars, the idea of using this surf rock, British surf guitar idea… I know the term doesn’t really make sense, but it’s the only way I can describe it. It comes out of the fact that I remember when I was a kid and I would listen to that kind of music, surf guitar music, I loved it.”

Guitars 4 Vets program is launching around the country. Great program!

“Veterans who are referred through the VA to Guitars For Vets receive six free private guitar lessons with an experienced volunteer instructor. Upon graduation they receive a free guitar and are provided the chance to take part in ongoing group sessions with other vets.”

Ukulele Circle of Fifth Chart


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