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by guitarkadia on June 7, 2011

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News, stories, & “stumble intos” accumulated over the past week on guitar, music, life. Don’t want to wait till next Wednesday for stories like this? Follow @guitarkadia on Twitter to read them as I find them.

Park Named After Guitarist Jeff Healy.

Healey, who died in 2008 after a long battle with cancer, spent countless hours in the park with his family and friends. It was formerly called Woodford Park.

Katie Vaughan’s latest ‘Storytelling with…” series features guitarist Mike Bolan

Impersonating Elvis at talent shows by age 12 seemed for a long time to electric guitarist, Mike Bolan, the closest he’d get to being a rock ‘n roll star. And that suited him fine.

Bolan hadn’t seriously thought about leaving Hayden to pursue a more prominent music career. He’d done well locally. Bolan joined his first band at age 13. A couple years later, he and some friends formed The Fabulous Shadows.

John Tammy‘s article on Forbes: What Keith Richard’s “Life” As A Rolling Stone Tells Us About Economics.

His first guitar cost 10 British pounds, but since his mother couldn’t afford to pay for it, she got someone else to purchase it, and then that someone eventually defaulted. Notable here is that Richards “couldn’t afford an electric” guitar, but his family’s inability to pay for an electric was instrumental in his rise as a guitar player.

Philadelphia Inquirer interviews Doc Watson.

…the revered, still fleet-fingered guitarist who got his nickname from Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick – “I always did like Sherlock’s stories”…

Art students in Tupelo, MISS, built Elvis-themed guitar sculptures.

The game plan is to put 15 of these brand-new guitar sculptures along Main Street, [extending] all the way out to the Elvis Presley Birthplace in east Tupelo, and to place them in strategic locations along the road. [Organizers say that placement will] add some character and continuity to downtown Tupelo.

The Under-14 category in New Zealand’s Gold Guitar Awards went to this 6-year old country singer.

His father is Singaporean, his mother is Vietnamese, and he loves to sing, dance and dress like Michael Jackson.

The Contaminated post (from 2010) “How Women Bands Looked Like A Few Decades Ago”

Tyler Cullen‘s “What Song Are You Listening To?” video may be catching on in other cities.

BandPromo posted this funny Infographic called “So You Wanna Be A Rock Star”

Funny cartoon depicting discography of the fictional band The Egos.

TrueGuitarist posted a series of videos of Ted Greene, who talks about Lenny Breau and his techniques.

Led Kaapana is Hawaii’s legendary Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele Master.

Qwerty Beats is a fun Online Drum Machine.


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