World Wide Wednesday: June 22 2011

by guitarkadia on June 22, 2011

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Stories & stumble upons accumulated over the past week on guitar, music, life. Don’t want to wait till next Wednesday for stories like these? Follow @guitarkadia on Twitter or ‘Like’ it on Facebook to read them as I find them.

Guitars Not Guns.

“Provide guitars and lessons to foster kids, at risk youth and other deserving children in a classroom setting with qualified teachers.

No child is turned away for lack of funds”

Duluth music center helps young artists find their voice

“The program is modeled after one in Charlottesville, Va., that opened in 1995 and was originally based at the recording studio of the Dave Matthews Band — musicians who remain on the organization’s advisory board. Between 600 and 800 students go through the program each year…”

Mexican guitar legacy nearly strung out. (Video)

For nearly 250 years, the Mexican town of Paracho, has been known for its high-quality, hand-made acoustic guitars but it is a tradition under threat from drug violence and an influx of cheaper instruments.

Daughters use Craigslist to search for electric guitar after dad sells his to pay bills

The guitar was a vintage Gretsch that Arthur Kaplan had acquired before she [16-yr old Aimee Kaplan] was born, and he always seemed most perfectly himself when he took it down and played.

6 Guitars is for fans of guitar

London Fringe show 6 Guitars is a concert cum comedy by playwright and performer Chase Padgett.

The Orlando performer plays blues, jazz, classical, country, rock and folk — all on his guitar. Audience members should be able to find at least one genre that suits them.

Jam with JamStar. (video demo)

VibeDeck lets you sell your music directly to fans and (apparently) lets you keep 100% of the sales. Anyone try it?

Weezer plays Paranoid Android.

TRU TV’s lengthy conspiracy post on the cover-up of Paul McCartney’s death. Read it out loud to your friends. 🙂

Soundation is an online audio editing program that reminds me of Garageband.

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