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Guitarkadia’s main goal is to bring you original content  – stories, interviews, sessions etc. While researching, I stumble into stories that I feel the need to share with you. Here are some from this past week. Don’t want to wait till next Wednesday for stories like these? Follow @guitarkadia on Twitter or ‘Like’ Guitarkadia on Facebook to read them as I find them.

July 20, 2011

Augmented instruments add virtual input to live music

The Feedback Resonance Guitar follows a similar construction, using electromagnets to vibrate each of the instrument’s six strings at a variety of frequencies. Notes can be artificially sustained, and the guitar can also play traditional rock “feedback” tones without the usual corresponding rise in volume – handy if you want to avoid blowing your amp.

Santa Cruz Artisan Transforms Vintage Wood Into Treasured Guitars.

By harvesting rare rosewood from Brazilian forests cut down in the 1920s, and 100-year-old mahogany planted for Britain’s Royal Navy — a reverberating echo of empire — Hoover has indulged the “scientific romance” of a boutique guitar-making movement that he himself carved out.

Game of Thrones title theme played with acoustic guitar.

American Guitar Picker Jim Avett talks of his music and musical family.

Family and music have intertwined for generations in the Avett family. The son of a Methodist preacher father and a formally trained pianist mother, Avett learned piano and violin before he took up guitar. Avett’s love for music spread to his sons Seth and Scott Avett, leaders of the acclaimed Americana band the Avett Brothers.

Travis Bean, legendary guitar maker, dies.

Introduced to the trade by guitar visionary Gary Kramer (the mastermind behind Kramer Guitars), Bean launched his own business in 1975. At Travis Bean Guitars, the California native produced some 3,600 instruments, developing a loyal customer base, including star musicians like Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo.

Behold the Jimmy Page official site.


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