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by guitarkadia on November 25, 2009

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Started ‘Guitarkadia Sessions‘ for one purpose, to present new music and traditional music. While I look for people myself, I’d also like to ask you for recommendations of musicians/bands for me to come and record.

Who?: Anyone with original music (incl. instrumental) who you absolutely feel deserves to be heard/seen. Extra points if it’s a traditional stringed instrument and traditional music from other countries performed by expats. (You know how I feel about that)

How this works: If I select a musician/band, I’ll come record one song (acoustic only). One take. One camera angle. You’ll intro yourself, your instrument, and the song. All within 5-6 minutes. So, you’ll have to prepare just a little as if you’re performing live. I won’t go to a live gig and record your performance. It has to be a quiet place we agree on. (Watch following video for example)

Note: However, I’m not making this a popular vote thing. I have to like the music too. Since I’ll be taking my time out of a busy enough schedule to do this, it has to be worth my while. Please recommend your absolute best.

I plan to record 2-3 videos a month, so will be choosing carefully. For now, I’m sticking to NYC only.

How To Recommend Artists:

Step 1: Follow me on Twitter, OR Fan me on Facebook.

Step 2:

On Twitter: @ me with hashtag #GuitarkadiaSessions and tag your recommendation’s username.

On Facebook: Tag me on Facebook (use @ and my username – only works if you Fan me beforehand) and tag your recommendation.

That’s it!

Let’s see how this goes. Check out this video of Craig Greenberg for an example of a Guitarkadia Sessions.

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