Non-Guitar Dosage: Vic Firth. Amen Break. Purdie Shuffle.

by guitarkadia on April 21, 2009

in Non-Guitar Dosage

1. Dear drummers, and chefs (yes) – I’m sure the name Vic Firth means something to you. But ever wonder who Vic Firth is? Saw a piece on the man on CBS’s Sunday Morning a few weeks ago but for some reason no video of that segment is to be found. You’re gonna have to do with the article instead.

2. Amen Break was born 40 years ago. Here’s a great video on the birth and re-birth of Amen Break.

This is the original song by The Winstons. The drummer is GC Coleman.


3. Know about the ‘Purdie Shuffle,’ by the most recorded drummer in the world, Bernard Purdie?

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