Naseer Shamma

by guitarkadia on March 9, 2010

in Non-Guitar Dosage

Today’s N-GD features Naseer Shamma, an Iraqi Oud player, performing his own composition “Hilal-alsaba.” He has a unique style of playing the Oud (watch 2nd video to see what I mean), and perhaps because he’s constructed an 8-string version of the Oud (usual is 6) based on a 9-th century transcript by Al-Farabi.

[Don’t miss tomorrow’s guest post by a then 14-yr old (now 15) guitar player from Iraq – Yeman Al-Rawi]

Naseer Shamma: Bio + Site + About Oud.

And listen to this composition of his, Alamiryya. If Flamenco and Blues fused, this is what it would sound like.

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