Tinkering School, and Your Kid’s Music Lessons

by guitarkadia on July 16, 2009

in Non-Guitar Dosage

I usually leave Non-Guitar Dosage for Tuesdays but Thursday has most of its letters. The following video is a great example of what kids accomplish when you put your trust in them. Some parents, eager to kick-start their children’s musical endeavors, throw them off to music sharks teachers who spend a lot of time trying to create mini-me versions of themselves.

Moral of this, after you’ve watched the video is, give children the tools and let them create. Years of practicing Villa-Lobos pieces to perfection will only make your kid part of the group that did it before him/her. If I make a comparison – imagine teaching them how to write and read alphabets, then words, then sentences a certain way, then have them spend years copying Shakespeare’s First Folio until it’s letter perfect. See how ridiculous it all seems?

If kids can be trusted to build complex things with ‘grown-up’ tools, I think they’ll be fine knowing just the fundamentals of music to create their own. Of course the question to ask yourself is: what do you want to teach some music to your kids, or do you want to bring your kids and music together?

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