Non-Guitar Dosage: Mandolin and U. Srinivas

by guitarkadia on May 5, 2009

in Non-Guitar Dosage

Anyone who’s followed and liked Remember Shakti has seen the wizardry on the mandolin by U. Srinivas. I’d had the good fortune of seeing the band live twice and have seen what this dude is capable of. When you witness and experience something like this live, it really does take you places; no need smoking it. The energy is undeniable.

Today we’ll see two videos of U. Srinivas: one is a profile plus performance video from the UK, and the other a performance video from when he was a boy. In this day and age when we are at awe of Sungha Jung (well deserving), we forget that there are thousands of others who are shedding away at their instrument, each day, trying to get better and better.  



Mandolin: [Wikipedia] [Mandolin Cafe] [Mandolin Magazine] [Mandolin Radio on]



Nashville Mandolin Ensemble Plays Bach, Beatles, and More.

1973 video of Ry Cooder playing Going to Brownsville

Bundand Mandolin Orchestra plays Theme to Love Story

and of course

Battle of Evermore part played by look alike dude.

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