Non-Guitar Dosage: Liu Fang

by guitarkadia on January 27, 2009

in Non-Guitar Dosage

Virtuoso musicians of any instrument do one thing better than others. They make you look at the instrument differently. Remember Jake? This time, it’s Liu Fang, the Chinese Pipa master that made me do the same. This performance you’re about to see is an example of technique only complimenting the music, and not overshadowing it. Although looking at her fingers reach those notes makes me feel inadequate.

Learn a little more about Pipa. Then check out Fang’s short intro to playing the Pipa, and damn it, friend her at MySpace! 🙂

This piece, extracting from the YouTube page, is:

“King Chu doffs his armour” (Ba Wang Xie Jia), from traditional repertoire for pipa solo. It describes a tragic event around 202 BC…”

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