Non-Guitar Dosage: Duduk

by guitarkadia on August 18, 2009

in Non-Guitar Dosage

PRI’s The World produces a great segment called Global Hit, created by Marco Werman – also one of the curators of SXSW – that brings a piece of world music daily.

For today’s Non-Guitar Dosage I wanted to start you guys off with a great piece produced for their April 6, 2006 episode on an instrument I’d first heard of watching ‘Dead Man Walking’ – the Duduk. Obviously the following ‘video’ is not produced by PRI; something fan made. Regardless, great piece on a beautiful instrument. Must add that the host’s – Lisa Mullins – voice is a beautiful instrument on its own.

Link up on Facebook of Pedro Eustache, interviewed in the piece, and plays on one of my favorite McCartney songs ‘Jenny Wren’, and wish him well – it’s Pedro’s 50th birthday today! Bizarre since I didn’t know until an hour ago that I’d write about Duduk today and I most certainly didn’t know it coincided a birthday. It’s Karma, bitch!

If you’re so inclined to fake the sound of Duduk on a keyboard, has a page dedicated to fingering charts and such. Now that’s like…duude!

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