Interview with Matt Beck – Part 2

by guitarkadia on February 20, 2009

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In the second part of this interview, Matt shares a wealth of knowledge with me regarding the benefits of learning Jazz, ear-training, his new album, studio work vs live work, and memorable moments doing both. If you’re looking to foray into the world of session and live work, this one is a must.

You’ll read a lot of theories about what to do in studio or how to do things live but there’s nothing like hearing it from someone who’s done it, and doing it. Drop by his MySpace page and look at the list of people he’s played with, and is scheduled to play with. This interview highlights one important thing – the person behind the musician is very important. You’ll get to work and be successful, if you’re constantly learning, evolving, and are respectful of the people you work with.

Matt was introduced via Benji and the interview was scheduled during a break from his two-shows-per-day gig with a Musical. The hour or so time he spent talking about his craft is crucial to understanding the root of a successful musician – it has to come from the love for music. Watch Benji’s interview along with this, and you’ll understand why they work together. I think of these as lessons disguised as interviews. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Matt Beck: [Site] [MySpace]  [Watch Part 1]

Interview with Matt Beck – Part 2.

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