Interview with Jeremiah Furr – Part One

by guitarkadia on April 7, 2009

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My first in-person Guitarkadia interview with a guitar player. I’ll make no excuse as to why it took so many months to edit this piece together. I guess the only one remotely acceptable is that I wanted to make it extra special. The result was my over-analyzing and trying to be over-clever about editing, presenting etc. Nah ah.

All I had to do was let the material dictate the edit. Simple, right? I’ve since then edited this into so many different forms that it was becoming a thesis of some sort. When that happens I have to put it away and come back. The fact is, when you have a well-spoken guy like him on camera your work is pretty much making sure you capture it.

I have to thank Jeremiah for sitting down for this, and even more so for being cool because I’d been taking time to edit this. I’d be impatient as hell if I were in his place. Back then this blog was just an idea, though a few days old. You want to know why he sat down to talk? Simple: he loves guitar! This is someone who passionately loves what he does and there’s no bullshit about his relationship with guitar and the music he’s grown to love. And that, as I’ve learned over the months, is true for all his band mates.

The Relyx: [MySpace] [Photos 1] [Photos 2] [Video]

On your phone? Watch mobile version of the video on YouTube.

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