Interview with Benji Rogers – Part 1

by guitarkadia on February 16, 2009

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Back in 2004 when I was producing a radio show from Brooklyn College, I was fortunate enough to book a few good bands to come to the studio, talk, and do a song or two. One of those bands was Marwood. The guys came in, set up, and we had a blast. They were funny, open, and did 3 songs for us. They sounded good!! You can listen to that whole interview here. Might be a good one to preface this because Benji and Rob talk about naming Marwood and other stories from the road.

So when I started this blog all those years later, I knew I had to initiate my interview series with some of the same group who took their time and hauled their way all the way to Flatbush to spend half hour with a no name show. Besides, Benji is a great interviewee and his thoughts on music, industry, performing, and writing is an example of what a musician with dedication and clarity can bring to the table for younger musicians.

We talked over Skype; he splits his time between NYC and London. I tried my best to clean up the noise and video quality but a minute or so into listening to Benji, you won’t notice anything else. Lesson: technology, or lack thereof, cannot overpower good conversation. Follow up to Part 2 of this interview and you’ll be treated with a song, from Benji’s work in progress album, called ‘Another Last Goodbye.’

Marwood: [Site] [iTunes] [MySpace] [Facebook][Musicglue] [LP33] [Pledge Music] [EmZ & Marwood]

Interview with Benji Rogers of Marwood from guitarkadia on Vimeo.

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