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#GuitarChat with Steve Hunter

by guitarkadia on July 8, 2013

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#GuitarChat with Steve Hunter – @stevehunterguit – on Twitter. July 23, 2013 at 9pm (EST). Hosted by @guitarkadia

Full transcript of the chat with Steve will go up live the same night below. Read transcripts of previous chats here.

How To #GuitarChat:

Log on to at 9 pm (EST), ask Steve questions, RT answers, share links, and tag every tweet with the hash tag #GuitarChat

Steve Hunter was born in Decatur Illinois in 1948, at age 19 he was drafted into the army and deployed to Okinawa where he worked as an x-ray tech in the air vac hospital. Having learned to play the pedal steel from eight years old he had moved on to guitar and continued to play as much as he could whilst in the army.

Once back at home he began to forge a reputation as a gifted player and since the 70’s has been contributing his expertise, style and tone to other people’s albums. Starting with Mitch Ryder in 1971, Steve had two blues bands ‘The Shifters’ and ‘The Blues Council’ as well as recording and or touring with Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Julian Lennon, Bette Midler and Tracy Chapman to name a few.

Steve has had a longstanding working relationship and friendship with legendary record producer Bob Ezrin since those early albums, which continues today. From unforgettable tracks such as ‘Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel). He played the ‘un-credited’ first half solo on ‘Train Kept A Rollin’ (Aerosmith) and wrote the ‘Intro’ to Sweet Jane’ (Lou Reed). Steve has dedicated his life to music despite dealing with the degenerative eye disease Pigmentary Glaucoma that has now made him legally blind.

He taught at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood for two years and enjoys doing guitar clinics where he is articulate and funny with recollections of his career along with easy to understand nuggets about how and why he plays like he does and what it is like to be a professional musician.

Steve has recorded five solo albums: ‘Swept Away’ ‘The Deacon’ ‘Short Stories’, Hymns For Guitar’ and most recently released his latest solo album ‘The Manhattan Blues Project’. The latter three can be purchased on most major online stores including iTunes and

In 2011, he featured heavily on the new Alice Cooper album ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’; a successor to ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ released in 1975 and completed a world tour with Alice in 2011. At the beginning of 2013 he was featured on a bonus track for the 2Cellos new album ‘In2ition’, playing the melody of the Sting song ‘Every Breath You Take’.

Steve’s new album, The Manhattan Blues Project, is out now.

Steve is married to singer songwriter Karen Hunter, he produced a CD for Karen in 2011 called ‘Empty Spaces’ and they plan to record together again this year. Steve and Karen live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bio & header image courtesy of Karen Hunter.

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