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#GuitarChat Guest No. 3 : Nick Didkovsky

by guitarkadia on December 30, 2012

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On January 22nd, Tuesday, 2013 at 9PM (ET) Nick Didkovsky (@DoctorNerve on Twitter) was the third guest on #GuitarChat.

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Our Topic: The $100 Guitar Project

BIO: Nick Didkovsky (excerpted from

Nick Didkovsky is a guitarist, composer, band leader, and software programmer. In 1983, he founded the avant-rock octet Doctor Nerve. He presently resides in New York City, where he composes, creates music software, and teaches computer music composition at New York University. He is the principle author of the computer music language Java Music Specification Language ( He has composed music for Bang On A Can All-Stars, Meridian Arts Ensemble, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, California EAR Unit, New Century Players, Ethel String Quartet, Electric Kompany, ARTE Quartett, and other ensembles. His Punos Music record label offers CD releases of his more extreme musical projects. He is director of bioinformatics for the Gensat project at The Rockefeller University. (Photo by Zach Veilleux)

The $100 Guitar Project (Excerpted from

On Oct 20, 2010, Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O’Meara (that’s us) bought a $100 electric guitar from Elderly Instruments. We did not know what it sounded like or if it even worked, but we were charmed by its no-name vibe and single bridge pickup that looks like an old radio.

A bunch of our guitar playing friends were instantly charmed, too, including (take your time reading this, it’s an awesome list): Alex Skolnick, David Starobin, Elliott Sharp, Mike Keneally, Barry Cleveland, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Mark Hitt, Keith Rowe, Nels Cline, Andy Aledort, Hillary Fielding, John Shiurba, Karl Evangelista, Phil Burk, Ray Kallas, Janet Feder, Thomas Dimuzio, Julia Miller, Chris Murphy, Chuck O’Meara, Marty Carlson, Shawn Persinger, Kai Niggemann, Steve MacLean, Ken Field, Roger Miller, Michael Bierylo, Bill Brovold, Larry Polansky, Biota Bill Sharp, Ava Mendoza, Amy Denio, Bruce Eisenbeil, Caroline Feldmeier, Colin Marston, David Linaburg, Hans Tammen, James Moore, Jesse Krakow, Jesse Kranzler, Joe Bouchard, Jon Diaz, Josh Lopes, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Marco Cappelli, Marco Oppedisano, Joe Berger, Mark Solomon, Mark Stewart, Mike Lerner, Nick Didkovsky, Rhys Chatham, Ron Anderson, Taylor Levine, Tom Marsan, Greg Anderson, Han-earl Park, Del Rey, Teisco Del Rey, Matt Wilson, Bruce Zeines, Toon Callier/Zwerm, Juan Parra, and Wiek Hijmanns.

The $100 Guitar passed through the hands of over 65 players, each of which recorded a piece with it (anywhere from a few seconds to 3 minutes long), and then passed it on to the next player. We got enough pieces for Bridge Records to release a double CD (see below!).

The enthusiasm is kind of staggering; we started this idea and 48 hours later we were overwhelmed by the positive response!


On January 1st, 2013, Bridge Records is releasing a double album with all the works composed & performed by the musicians listed above.

Note: Guitarkadia is currently in production of a documentary on the $100 Guitar Project. Details soon.

#Guitar Chat with Nick Didkovsky : Jan 22, 2013

Complete chat archive of #GuitarChat with Nick Didkovsky @DoctorNerve

Storified by Guitarkadia· Tue, Jan 22 2013 19:51:39

Hello everyone, please welcome @DoctorNerve tonight’s #GuitarChat guest!Guitarkadia
Looking forward! @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
Hiya #GuitarChat @GuitarkadiaNick Didkovsky
Thanks for setting this up. Nice documentary teaser, btw. @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
Thank you! RT @DoctorNerve: Thanks for setting this up. Nice documentary teaser, btw. @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@DoctorNerve Lotsa buzz lately! @metalinjection did a nice piece on the project. How did they find out about it? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@DoctorNerve how did you find all the musicians involved in the project? #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
RT @DoctorNerve: I met Frank Godla at a Six Feet under show. We got to talking & told him about #100DollarGuitar#GuitarChat @Guitarkadia @metalinjectionGuitarkadia
Sent a few emails and it fanned out RAPIDLY from there. @Guitarkadia @TheLoneOlive #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
After @metalinjection did the piece on it, it got picked up by @metalsucks @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve did most of those 1st invited guitar players say yes? #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
@DoctorNerve I heard the guitar made a day trip to a horror film locale. True? #guitarchatLinda Leseman
@DoctorNerve Cool, btw you can see the back of my head in the @metalinjection piece. And also a little bit of Bill Brovold. #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
Friends told friend who told friends… and we said no to nobody @TheLoneOlive #GuitarChat #100DollarGuitarNick Didkovsky
@lindasusername @DoctorNerve Yep, and recorded for the doc as well. It’s in the teaser I just posted #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@DoctorNerve HAHAHA. sounds like how a vd spreads. any musicians approach you for the project that you shocked you? #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
@DoctorNerve Someone did a review of every track on the album with a few words to describe each piece. Can’t remember the name. #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
Yeah there was lots of unprotected guitar playing going on. @TheLoneOlive #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
“@DoctorNerve: Yes! We visited the house where Let’s Scare Jessica To Death was filmed. Fave horror of mine. Old Saybrook CT” #GuitarChatLinda Leseman
@DoctorNerve lol #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
…a little hard to shock me but pleasantly surprised at how distinct everyone’s voice was@TheLoneOlive #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve Which tracks were you most pleasantly surprised by? #guitarchatAnthony Lanman
That was Stash Dauber @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
Fave riff easy: opening track Blockhead by Chris Murphy. Deep connection to playing in HS band with him @Guitarkadia @mike_noble #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
Most surprising out-of-box-thinkng was Greg Anderson using the gtr as a mic for elec violin @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
…elec violin into amp, gtr next to amp, output of gtr to recording console. Vicious. @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve On "Monkey and Determination", what did you do to that guitar to get those sounds?? #guitarchatAnthony Lanman
@DoctorNerve How much work went behind the scenes that wasn’t about the music? You were basically holding everything together. #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
reviewing that track one sec… @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve did you ever worry the guitar might not find its way home? #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
@DoctorNerve What was the most anyone had to pay in shipping costs? And who was it? #guitarchat @guitarkadiaLinda Leseman
Right channel accents = chopstick hitting string with gtr horizontal on lap @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
Sustained very high tone in background is probably two octave up whammywah pedal setting @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
…used multiple tracks to make a tone blended together. @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
Mike Keneally did masterful sonic layering on his piece. jealous. @Guitarkadia @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
A little concerned that it was taking so long at one point stuck in Holland due to high shipping. But never lost. @TheLoneOlive #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
So Holland sent to Germany and Germany sent to NYC for a total that was less than 1/4 the cost of Holland to NYC @TheLoneOlive #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
That was the festival in Europe that paid second day FedEx to get gtr. OUCH @lindasusername @guitarkadia #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve What kind of guitar is it, and what made you think, "This is the right guitar for this project." #guitarchatAnthony Lanman
First electric guitar model ever produced by Fujigen Gakki! Originally called an EJ-2 says @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve I was on tour in Berlin when I got your 1st msg re: #100DollarGuitar but in NY when I got the guitar. @guitarkadia #guitarchatHan-earl Park
@DoctorNerve Did anyone change anything on the guitar? Like string gauge or setup? #guitarchatJR
We liked it because it looks homeless and generic and unbranded. Like a mirage or a dream. @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
Oh! Forgot! Yes: when Check first tried to buy it there was 12 hours worry we thought someone else had nabbed it @TheLoneOlive #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
Mark Hitt @HittGuitar lowered action. Strings changed numerous times but not sure who and how many times @Guitarkadia @Voxshades #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
And Marty Carlson applied black tape to keep switches from randomly cutting out. Nice mod haha. @Guitarkadia @Voxshades #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@Guitarkadia @doctornerve several iterations of duct tape 😉 #guitarchatHan-earl Park
@DoctorNerve @guitarkadia @voxshades the tape got changed at least once #guitarchat #randomactsofmodificationHan-earl Park
@Guitarkadia black tape #guitarchat #amateurluthery Park
@hanearlpark have you seen the doc teaser? You’re in it! #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@DoctorNerve @guitarkadia Lol…seen the black tape over the switch mod on guitars that cost twenty times more. #guitarchat #greatprojectJR
@DoctorNerve What was your prefered rig for the guitar? #guitarchatAnthony Lanman
RT @Guitarkadia: Teaser for The $100 Guitar Doc is up. @alexskolnick @doctornerve @hanearlpark is in it. #GuitarChatMelanie L. Marshall
Evan Gluck of NY Guitar Repair since disengaged switches so we can do live shows without worry. @Voxshades @guitarkadia #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve @Guitarkadia Blockhead-great fave riff choice and great track 2 open the #100DollarGuitar CD with! #guitarchatMike Noble
Smile whenever I hear Blockhead! @mike_noble @Guitarkadia #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve disabling as repair? @guitarkadia #guitarchatHan-earl Park
Switches bypassed. @Guitarkadia @hanearlpark #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve what about that funky pot? @guitarkadia #guitarchatHan-earl Park
RT @DoctorNerve: We liked it because it looks homeless and generic and unbranded. Like a mirage or a dream. @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatMelanie L. Marshall
I liked playing it through Jule Potter-modded Vox Night Train and Kolbe 1×12 cab. Rich and lively tone, low vol. @AnthonyLanman #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
haha Maybe hot guitars and tape conceals id. @Voxshades @guitarkadia #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
vol and tone pots operational but barely majke a difference! @Guitarkadia @hanearlpark #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
All good now @hanearlpark @guitarkadia #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
Glad you’re in town and we play together in Eris now @hanearlpark @guitarkadia #guitarchatNick Didkovsky
@DoctorNerve used to be one of the pots would randomly cut the signal (thus the tape) @guitarkadia #guitarchatHan-earl Park
@DoctorNerve forgot the 136199 😉 @guitarkadia #guitarchatHan-earl Park
RT @Guitarkadia: #GuitarChat guests for February are @jonherington 5th, Jason Becker @jasonbeckerfilm 12th, @markchangizi 19th, & @montepittman 26thJR
RT @Guitarkadia: #GuitarChat guests for February are @jonherington 5th, Jason Becker @jasonbeckerfilm 12th, @markchangizi 19th, & @montepittman 26thJuanK Russo
RT @Guitarkadia: #GuitarChat guests for February are @jonherington 5th, Jason Becker @jasonbeckerfilm 12th, @markchangizi 19th, & @montepittman 26thLinda Leseman
RT @Guitarkadia: #GuitarChat guests for February are @jonherington 5th, Jason Becker @jasonbeckerfilm 12th, @markchangizi 19th, & @montepittman 26thtomshad
Aaaaand @VoxShades is the winner of tonight’s $100 Guitar Project double album courtesy of @BridgeRecords Congrats!! #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
Congratulations! Let us know how you like it. @Guitarkadia @VoxShades @BridgeRecords #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
Thank you so much to @DoctorNerve for joining #GuitarChat tonight. It was a ton of fun!!!! #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Doctornerve I look forward to having you back again some day!! #GuitarChat Also thanks to @HanEarlPark for joining inGuitarkadia
Thanks very much for inviting me. Real fun. @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
Maximum donations to CARE if you purchase direct from @BridgeRecords @Guitarkadia #GuitarChat #100DollarGuitarNick Didkovsky
Once again, project info is at & Guitarkadia documentary info is at #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
Touring with DITHER Guitar Quartet! Gigs in UVA, Bowling Green, Kalamazoo… @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
But first my piece Zero Waste at Science Gallery in Dublin Feb 7. @Guitarkadia #GuitarChatNick Didkovsky
Good night and rock on @Guitarkadia @HanEarlPark #GuitarChat #100DollarGuitarNick Didkovsky
@Guitarkadia thanks for the invite! #guitarchatHan-earl Park
RT @DoctorNerve: Maximum donations to CARE if you purchase direct from @BridgeRecords @Guitarkadia #GuitarChat #100DollarGuitarBird Is The Worm
#GuitarChat guest next week is Associate Editor of @RollingStone @SimonWilliam – 29th at 9pm (ET)
"Let’s Scare Jessica To Death" house makes a cameo in the The $100 Dollar Guitar documentary #GuitarChatGuitarkadia

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