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by guitarkadia on December 27, 2012

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What is #GuitarChat ?

#GuitarChat is a weekly series hosted on Twitter by myself, Emon Hassan, on behalf of @Guitarkadia. One (sometimes more) guest is invited each Tuesday to chat for one hour between 9PM and 10PM (EST).

It’s basically a Q&A session on Twitter between myself and guest but anyone on Twitter can join in by simply adding the hashtag #GuitarChat in their tweets, re-tweets, modified tweets, questions, and answers.

Guest choses to answer any or all of questions directed to him/her/them from the stream. Note: Guests are not obligated to answer every question from the stream.

Tip: Tchat is a great way to join in a “room” and follow a hashtag distraction free on the web. Tweetdeck for desktop or Chrome also works very well. For mobile interaction, Twitter’s native app for iPhone, Android, and others work quite well.


Why a chat series on Twitter?

Inspired by Jeanne and Jesse of #ScriptChat and #PostChat respectively, I thought a weekly chat on Twitter makes perfect sense around guitar.

Who are invited to be guests?

Musicians, authors, historians, journalists, scientists, photographers, and managers, etc. Check out the list of people I’ve had so far.

 What can you, the participants, expect from participating in #GuitarChat?

Other than awesome chats with awesome guests, you can expect giveaways and prizes.

I missed #GuitarChat while it was unfolding live on Twitter? Will #GuitarChat be archived?

Yes! Click on each image on this page to read that night’s archive.

How do you choose your guests?

I reach out to them or they reach out to me.  I am always open to suggestions. If you know of someone who would a great #GuitarChat guest, please send me a tweet at @Guitarkadia or email me at emon @guitarkadia.com


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