Jimmy Page’s Soloing Strategies

by guitarkadia on August 6, 2008

in Electric

Guitar World piece by Tom Kolb. Speaking of Guitar World, it is one of two magazines I’ve been subscribed to for years now – the other is Playboy – and the sight of the latest issue gets me salivating every time.

Imagine my surprise, back home in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when I spotted a magazine devoted to just guitars. Not in my wildest of dreams would I have conjured up an idea that said “magazine…but all about guitars.”

My first year at Brooklyn College, I stumbled upon the motherlode of guitar magazines bound in hard cover, some dating back to the early 70s. It was as if a portion of heaven had lost its way and settled at Brooklyn College library. You’d believe me if I said I leafed through every single issue on there, wouldn’t you?

This post is also fitting in another first. My first concert in the US was the 1995 Page+Plant concert at MSG, complete with the Egyptian and London Orchestra. What a show! A friend had called me two hours before the show and asked if I’d like to see it. I think I was there before he hung up the phone.

Imagine this song, live at MSG! Mm mm mm!

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