Central Park Summerstage: Ziggy Marley

by guitarkadia on July 7, 2009

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It’s hard to ignore the fact that you’re a couple of feet away from the descendant of a legend, whose music has inspired you since you can remember music and whose music still resonate with you no matter what kind of voice or speakers they’re coming out of. I’m not by any means taking away the fact that Ziggy (b. David Nesta) Marley has paved his way to contributing to his own legacy. We know how deep music and talent runs in the family. If 14 years and a dozen plus albums with the family, Melody Makers, don’t prove that, what else will.

I’m, of course, preaching to the choir here.

I see Marley’s solo career as a second chapter stemming from the need to share more than just music. Music is just the passport to reach beyond the boundaries, past the hypocrisy. He understands that the need to share the light with someone is often when (s)he’s young, as apparent in his work with U.R.G.E.


Marley’s on tour with his new album, Family Time, with several guest artists contributing to the songs.

Ziggy Marley:  Site +  MySpace +  Albums & MP3s +  Tour +   U.R.G.E +  Videos

ziggy marley @ 2009 emon hassan

Ziggy Marley @ 2009 Emon Hassan

Ziggy Marley  @ 2009 Emon Hassan






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