Why Did You Pick Up The Guitar Today?

by guitarkadia on October 31, 2008

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Was reading Christopher’s post about practicing and he makes an important, and that is of goal-oriented practice. For most things in life we create – or struggle to – a short term, then a long term goal. Long term goals are fun and are fully realized…in our heads. Short term goals are the result of what we do today and the days after. Short term goals are what will realize your ‘realized’ dreams. But only when you’ve put in the time.

Yes, dreaming of fame and fortune keeps things a little spiced up. Nothing wrong with that. If we’re being creative with the guitar, might as well with our future. But that shouldn’t become a full-time occupation.

Define your short term goal and spend just the amount of time needed to achieve it. If a certain riff, progression, passage, or chord is bothering you, focus on that for a certain amount of time each day and not get bulldozed by the thought of finishing the whole song or piece. You’ll find that a little focus keeps roadblocks manageable and you’ll be surprised at how quicker those short term goals can be achieved.

So why did you pick up the guitar today? Was it to get closer to a goal you’ve set, or was it to take off and just play?

Thing is: both work very close to each other. When goals are met, sweeter is the play time.

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