Where are the Lessons?

by guitarkadia on December 7, 2008

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Guess I should tell you why the lessons haven’t come in as I’d scheduled. You see, the day before I was going to publish the next lesson (fretboard mapping), I had a minor epiphany, if you will. I was about to write the post using tools and methods used to discuss mapping in all the other books.

In other words, instead of showing you how to fish, I was going to catalog all the fishes known to mankind, ask you to remember them, and expect you to make a dish that is supposed to be original. Bet you’d never want to look at another fish again after I was done. That’s not taking the Zen-like approach, is it?

So, I’m going to re-write a few things and come back. However, I’m going off to a business trip tomorrow and return Tuesday so won’t be able to do much – maybe a thought or so posted from my iPhone – but I’ll make sure I schedule a couple of stuff from the web for your weekday entertainment.

Three days in a row, starting tomorrow, I’ll post videos of three master slide players. Won’t tell you who.

Tomorrow, then. 🙂

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