Curved Frets Are Better Than Straight

by guitarkadia on August 13, 2009

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And the guitar steps out of the box. After being almost perfect for centuries with how the guitar is constructed, the folks at Stockholm-based True Temperament decided to bring the guitar and Utopia a little closer to each other. The company designed a curved fretting system that allows the guitar to be tuned perfectly, as it’s meant to be. Talk about game changing.

Will it ‘catch on’, as they say? What do you think? One of the company’s most well known endorser is none other than Steve Vai who gives a great explanation (video #1) of how the system and is planning on building all his future guitars with the system. The FAQ section is extensive and informational as well. In the second video, he gives a demo of a True Temperament fitted on a Jem. You can buy ready-made acoustic and electric guitars with the system installed, or can select from a few necks available. All necks are not made equal. Check to see this list and read some of the pdfs attached. [via @TotalGuitar]

More videos.

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