Top 5 Non-Guitar Dosage Posts

by guitarkadia on December 9, 2010

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I’d started the Non-Guitar Dosage on this blog to, you guessed it, bring you stuff I like that has nothing to do with the guitar. I think everything that’s anything, has something to do with guitar. No? A writer uses her pen to write stories. She uses it to say something, not show off her mad skillz as a fast writer, or a gifted calligrapher (not always).

A good guitar player learns from others, despite their choice of instrument(s). It’s what good guitar players – musicians – do.

1.Interview with Manu Delago

2. Liu Fang

3. One Apartment, Six Drummers.

4. Vic Firth. Amen Break. Purdie Shuffle.

5. Sarangi

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