The Rewards of ‘Doing Your Thing’

by guitarkadia on April 23, 2009

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Pioneers in any field are to be saluted and thanked. Without them, we’d have no one to look up to when we set out to do our thing, whatever it may be. You and I can look up and find the first person who plugged a guitar into an electric box and amplified it. It, then, became ok for every guitar player who toyed with the idea because Charlie Christian did it first. Who did Christian look up to?

There will be times, and they definitely pay their visits, when you’ll doubt your ‘thing’ as the right thing for you. Some of us struggle with it more often than others. But let me tell you, sincerity in your ‘thing’ is what sticks. When you stop trying to convince others that your ‘thing’ is legitimate, and when you stop defending it, you’ll flourish. Because you know what, trying to do both tells others without saying a word that you have doubts. No one who will give your ‘thing’ a chance wants to detect a drop of doubt in your ‘thing’ – let’s call it work from now.

There are two choices you have: to be your own or to be like something else. The latter is like a quickie – instant pleasure that makes you feel desired but never satisfies, spiraling into regret and remorse, then fade to black.

But the former has rewards that, as Roberto Benigni put it after winning Best Actor Oscar for ‘Life is Beautiful’, will make you want to “…be Jupiter and kidnap everybody and lie down in the firmament making love to everybody!”

I’m at that stage in life now where my passion and my career feel comfortable talking to each other. I’m glad they’ve been introduced to each other.

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