That Famous Guitar Duel Movie

by guitarkadia on August 15, 2008

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I used to eat this shit up with a spoon back when I’d first seen it. Wow…guitar duel where the karate kid beats the devilish looking guy with some crazy chops. Oh, man! Do I remember how many times I’ve watched it? Nope.

Now, this makes me cringe! Maybe because the sped-up clip jumps right at me and maybe because I now know the kid’s part was actually played by Steve Vai. This sort of ‘kid/guy comes back out of nowhere and throws a sucker punch’ moments make for excellent cheap entertainment.

But…I was entertained. I loved it back then. I thought it was the greatest thing caught on film. It inspired me to listen to tons of Malmsteens and Macalpines and Chastains and Moores. It inspired me to practiced them chops,man, and also find more blues records to listen to.

So in the end, what am I saying here? Whatever works to inspire you can’t be bad. Even if it makes me cringe now, the same made me want to become better once. Perhaps the other reason it makes me cringe now is I watch this clip apart from the movie itself. I used to rewind/play (VHS days) that bit in the beginning where Macchio practices the classical guitar [actually played by William Kanengiser] all the time. You might look at this clip now and feel the way I felt long ago and think I’m crazy for putting this down today.

And that’s perfectly fine if it makes you sit down and practice 15 minutes more each day.

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