Songsterr for TABS: Good?

by guitarkadia on August 19, 2008

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Read about Songsterr at Mashable and had to give it a try. I know how to read tabs but not with great fluency. My personal goal has never been to learn a song note for note. I simply don’t have the patience and I don’t see the point. The one joy, out of many, of learning songs, for me, is to be able to interpret it.

Although I’d be wasting time, perhaps risk getting tomatoed, if I insisted my version of the solo to ‘Hotel California’ gives the song a different feel.

Songsterr maybe good to check couple of places in a song that confuses you, a note or two here and there – the icky part right before a song goes to chorus. Otherwise, there are no guides to tempo, strumming patterns etc. Some songs have chord charts, most don’t.

And…even video games and cellphone ring-tones do a better job with the music than what the Songsterr did with this version of Norweigian Wood.

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