Singer on the A Train

by guitarkadia on April 4, 2009

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singerWas coming home from work, pissed! Got on the train at Penn Station to hear this young Asian woman (that’s her in the wool cap), a rose sticking out of her purse, singing away on her Ukulele. Some 20 minutes and several songs later, she was still going at it.

At first it bothered me. She wasn’t busking, so why do this? I didn’t stop to think that maybe she just loves to sing and play her Ukulele. There were songs where she’d stumble, stop, and start over.  People got on and people got off. Some sat next to her, some stood near her. But throughout the many stops the train made, nothing gave her pause.

Would I have the balls to just strum, let alone sing along, on a crowded NYC subway train when I could see it had been a shitty day for a lot of the passengers? Whatever her purpose was for singing and playing, it probably made a whole lot of people skip their shitty day stories and tell this one to their family and/or friends. I’m posting this, aren’t I?

Lesson: No worries, mate, put whatever went wrong for you today to bed. Make it right tomorrow.

Dee April 6, 2009 at 11:25 am

wow.. good for her for having the courage to do that! I know I wouldn’t.

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