Sean Penn. Guitar. Sweet and Lowdown

by guitarkadia on November 27, 2008

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One of Sean Penn’s best screen performances, if not the best. This film brought me back to re-discover Django Reinhardt, and Woody Allen. I’ve never recovered. That’s a good thing.

Was living in Queens, not so far from the Kaufman Astoria theaters. Matinee. Don’t remember if I’d planned to watch it after Penn’s Oscar nomination, or before.

Also remember watching Harry Potter at this theater, last year with someone. Had Cuban food nearby. Then coffee a little closer. Will never forget that.

Hmm…kind of had forgotten about this last bit until now. Funny though…since I identified with Emmet Ray’s character but never thought this post would make me connect the two very different episodes. Keyword here: loss.

Anyway…here goes.

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