Satriani v Coldplay Poll Results & My Thoughts

by guitarkadia on December 6, 2008

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Noticed that out of the 9 respondents, there wasn’t a single ‘Don’t Care.’ Meaning this issue of alleged plagiarism is important to folks.

Did Chris Martin plagiarize? Without answering the question, let me ask you this: What does a band at the peak of its career benefit from taking this risk? I’m sure Martin wouldn’t have thought he’d get away with that, if he actually did steal, would he? The timing of this lawsuit is perfect – wait till the Grammy noms are announced, and then hit ’em. But that’s how they work always anyway. If this was no name John Doe band, trust me, there would be no lawsuit.

Now it would suck big time if it turned out he did steal the melody. But I just think this was a case of a melody – he’d probably heard it before, or not – finding its way into a song subconsciously. Happens all the time. Most of the time not so closely, but it still happens.

For example: Tell me you don’t hear some of ‘Melodie from Orpheus by C. W. Gluck‘ in Luiz Bonfa ‘Manha de Carnaval‘ [Black Orpheus] Does that mean he stole it? Listen to the riff of Aerosmith’s Jaded. Do you not hear Led Zeppelin’s Dancing Days in there?

Sometimes composers rip off their own shit. Good ones admit it. Nino Rota lifted a melody from a film he scored in 1958, slowed it down, and it became this 14 yearls later.

Point is – we don’t know what happened. We probably never will. But it’s possible that no wrong was done. Just my opinion. Would love to know your thoughts.

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