R.I.P Michael Jackson

by guitarkadia on June 26, 2009

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I didn’t quite know how to react. Came to me as a shock when my brother sent me a text saying he’d died. I’d just finished shooting the first act from the photo pit, happy that minutes ago I’d been escorted to it by security as ‘press’ – a big step with this blog. Couldn’t hold on to that joy for long.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Ever since I’d started reaching out to musicians and interviewing them last year, I had been wishing that one day I’d interview MJ and only talk music. Over the years I had been pretty pissed at all the interviews on television that focused on nothing but stupid scandals. Even those big ‘journalists’, they wanted a piece of him. No one asked ‘What’s your favorite new record?’ or ‘What songs are you working on?’ ‘What is your advice for new songwriters?’ No. They’d all focus on the one or two things he didn’t want to talk about. I hope they feel some shame now. Imagine Bill Clinton being asked about the blow job every single interview he gave, and asked in every possible combination. Well, fuck them now – trying to act all sad!

I was about 7 when I heard ‘Thriller.’ It’s a part of my childhood. That and ‘Off the Wall’ we (me +brother) played over and over and over. When I did my musical DNA series back in February, guess whose video I started with?  About a month ago, I started to obsessively listen to MJ songs on my iPod. It took me back to when we were little, in Libya, looking out the window and watching shooting stars with MJ tracks playing on a cassette player. The songs were associated with other memories too – the color of our car, our backyard, dad’s voice, mom’s sunglasses, sister’s smile, brother’s bicycle and the MJ posters he cherished like gold. 

I’m pretty emotional about this. Perhaps another time would be right to correctly express what MJ’s music has meant to me. When people say his music was a soundtrack to their childhood, I know exactly what they mean.

I’ll end by saying that it is very sad that the man who’s given so much to so many, left misunderstood, and with a broken heart. 

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