Guitar Makers: A Campaign Idea for You

by guitarkadia on September 2, 2009

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You guys are not taking advantage of the big pool of guitar bloggers out there. Phone and camera companies send out new shiny toys to bloggers before they launch and have them create content with them. While you guys love to tout the technical aspects of an instrument, most of us tie ourselves to guitars emotionally. At the same time, there are thousands of kids dreaming of owning a guitar but their parents can’t afford to get them a decent one. Early music education no doubt makes a positive impact on a child’s life. What are we all doing about it?

Here’s what I propose. Send out a couple of guitars to a group of 10 bloggers, let them write and record a song, each, with the guitars, have them sign the body of the guitar (you provide the ‘special’ marker if you like), upload those tracks online into an album (credit them and their blogs), and auction the guitars for donation to a music charity that provides guitars to kids who can’t afford to buy one.

There must be some ground rules:

1. Well-reputed charitable organizations must be attached to this campaign beforehand. Org. must have some affiliation with each blogger’s state, or country.

2. Monies made from the auction(s) must find a way, as guitars, to kids who can’t afford it.

3. Album will, of course, be free for downloads…but links to donate money to music organization must be present.

4. Bloggers need to be credited – links to their blogs etc, in all promo material.

5. Send guitar that will actually inspire bloggers to write good music. Don’t skimp and ship your ‘meh’ products.

6. This is for bloggers: You cannot accept money from the guitar makers for this. Only credit to your blog and work.

In conclusion, I don’t give a shit if you never send me one for this campaign, if you choose to do it. Look at my blog’s side bar. A good place to start for cool guitar bloggers. Whether they participate in your campaign is up to them. If your intentions are truly to, in the end, help kids get guitars while promoting the hell out of your product, few will say no. And if it pushes other companies to help kids with music books, strings, amplifiers etc…why not!

Feel free to steal this idea and use your star guitar players to participate. But if you do it without implementing the guitar for kids idea, shame on you!! Target is dong it, there’s no reason you can’t.

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