Central Park Summerstage: Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate

by guitarkadia on September 7, 2009

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August 3, 2009. Central Park Summerstage.

This was one of the most enjoyable nights at the concerts this year. Not because the duo of Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate put on a tight show, but concert was followed with a screening of Fleck’s documentary Throw Down Your Heart.

This is a must see if you love music films. It traces the roots of the Banjo, Fleck’s principal instrument, if you already didn’t know that, to West Africa where the ancestor Banjo is still played. Some of the best moments in the film happen during sessions where both Fleck and musicians discover each other’s playing and music. The encounters and jams also resulted in a beautiful soundtrack. My favorite would be the track Djorolen, by Oumou Sangare, a gorgeous, and heartbreaking, song. It was like hearing a perfect instrument play alphabets and notes at the same time.

If you get a chance to attend a screening, don’t miss it. Listen to this NPR interview with Fleck and Diabate on the film. Fleck is currently on tour with Zakir Hussein and Edgar Meyer.

Bela Fleck: SiteMySpace.  Toumani Diabate: MySpace.

Bela Fleck

Toumani Diabate

Bela Fleck Toumani Diabate

Bela Fleck Bela Fleck

Toumani Diabate


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