A Year Later

by guitarkadia on October 28, 2009

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I guess I never had the one year anniversary talk on here. It was, by the way, on October 10, 2008 that I relaunched the blog with a new theme, mission, idea and what have you.

Lot has happened since then. Detour here, going astray there, it hasn’t been easy maintaining this blog, and two others, with a full-time job in tow. But, I somehow managed to stay afloat. Met a lot of people because of the blog, got to be at places because of the blog, and ventured into areas I didn’t expect to because of the blog.

In short, the relaunch was worth it. Between May and September – I guess, all of Summer – things have not been so smooth in other aspects of my life. Things changed in August in a major/minor way and it was time to re-evaluate quite a few things I attached myself to. Lots of reflectin’, lots of thinking, and lots of re-tooling.

Anyway, all this yapping is to say that I’ve been sitting on a lot of material I’d recorded, photographed, gathered over the Summer and it’s about time I got those babies out to the world. Some stuff I’d recorded back in May only recently saw light of the day [Stephane Wrembel] [Bern & the Brights] [The Relyx].

Lotsa new stuff coming. Yes, some have been recorded or written months ago but the beauty of this approach to my blog is, they are not time sensitive. The stories and lessons bassist Melvin Gibbs shared with me, sitting on his Brooklyn apartment rooftop, will never get old. Same goes for the 2 40-minute interview (we’ll do a part 3 soon) I had with Vernon Reid last year, over Skype. The evening I spent with Eric Strom as he worked his way through creating a jingle for Guitarkadia will always be true to that moment as it unfolded in front of my camera. The lessons Craig Greenberg learned from being abroad about his own music will inspire  many who struggle to find their voices. The guitar lesson or two shared by Rick Stone, or Carlos Barbosa-Lima, will always help a guitar player no matter who or where they are. Then there are two wonderful guest posts from Bill Leverty and the incredibly young and talented Yeman Al-Rawi.

I have a few things to say about this whole guitar thing too. Nothing earth shattering or revealing. But they’ll have to wait till my friends above have made their appearances.


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