5 Early Posts You Might Enjoy

by guitarkadia on October 16, 2008

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Note: Conclusion of Yossi Fine interview Monday 20th, with pictures and another video.

A little time travel here. Just wanted to bring you some of the posts I’ve enjoyed from my ‘early’ days. Let’s start with 5.

1. My first guitar post. Of course it would be Ritchie Blackmore.

2. Jerry’s Reed Played by Two Guys on One Guitar; got over 5mill. plays on YouTube.

3. When I’d ‘dropped by’ Nashville last year I took some photos near the Ryman Auditorium and inside a Gibson Guitars store next to the new Grand Ole Opry. I’d like to go back very much.

4. Trailer of the upcoming Hank Garland biopic Crazy. Can’t wait to see it. Looks good.

5. A post on guitar in Bollywood music, the Burman clan, and links to chord sites and such.

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