Guitar Chords for Bollywood Film Music + The Burman Family

by guitarkadia on July 28, 2008

in Acoustic

Search by song or movie title and download chords + tabs. Just don’t ask me for recommendations.

Well, ok, fine. This is a song from one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hits in Bollywood. To give you a clue how big: don’t ask a South Asian – into Bollywood films, of course – if (s)he’s seen Sholay. Ask how many times (s)he’s seen it.

Anyway, this particular song/video has this cool acoustic guitar rhythm going in the background. Very simple, two-chord comp alternating between C and F and, if I’m not mistaken, all played down-stroke. The singer dude in the film is playing an instrument that has nothing to do with the riff in the song (that sounds like a dulcimer to me). It’s not like Bollywood movies are into accuracies. Most Bollywood actors look like they’re either polishing it or beating it off.

But I digress.

You have to admit this is one catchy tune. Hell, I love it! Sung by R. D. Burman (I didn’t know this), son of S. D. Burman – both legends. Well, I have to emphasize that since they’re Bangalis, as am yours truly. In fact, papa Burman was born in Comilla, Bangladesh; wasn’t called Bangladesh back then. His Wikipedia entry will tell you about his vast repertoire of Bangla folk songs. The one most Bangalis know of is Nishithe Jaio.

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